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Our Services

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  • 01 Design
  • 02 Tinplate
  • 03 Printing
  • 04 Cutting & Shaping
  • 05 Ready Goods

Our in-house designers are ready to create new designs and implement new techniques. For precision purposes, design implementations and transformations are carried out using a machine called CTP (Computer To Plate).

The tinplates used are chosen from the most reliable sources in the world to ensure providing the best high-end products with the best quality. We serve our clients with variety of options including tinplates, Buying and selling big lots, and importing special requirements according to clients.

Buying the best raw material and working with high-end suppliers of inks and coating material is one of the essential steps that lead to customers’ satisfaction.

Moving the sheet from the printing, coating and effects, to the accurate cutting lines that enable forming the sheet to the Required shape.

Once ready, the final goods are handled with special care in a manner that ensures their safe delivery based on a secured packing to clients. In addition, our stock and inventory are designed to pack and store goods for a variety of clients (comma) rendering more space available for storage in their respective facilities.

Carton on Pallet

The most important step is keeping the products safe when delivering to customers. The techniques that we use are specialized according to the clients’ needs. The cartons are packed in a way that is suitable for overseas transport.