Available Finishes


Individually or combined, special gloss and/or matte finishes can be applied to the metal package to add some lively visuals for the product.

Soft Touch

To create a silky smooth feel that is irresistible to touch, as well as the application of a special soft touch to the entire metal package.

Rough Touch

To create a rough touch that is stimulating to the senses, a special rough touch finish is applied to the entire metal package, thereby giving it a unique look.

Several Designs On One Plate

To simultaneously issue several versions of the same package design. The variable printing process is used to allow the printing of all the designs on the same printing plate.

Embossing & Debossing

To make your design stand out, we can emboss and de-boss the cans-cover and body in such a way that adds visual motions and energy to your design